Other USES of BlissCircuits™

Users describe the primary and underlying benefit of the BlissCircuits™
as a consistent balancing, relaxing and energizing of the whole person:

⊕ harmonize nervous system imbalances and to relieve stress, fatigue &                         enervation.

⊕ relieve problems of sleeplessness.~promote sensitivity to life energy
    (Prana, Chi or Qi) and to develop or enhance psychic abilities.

⊕ a tool for facilitating personal growth by aiding in the work of contacting  and

    releasing hidden emotions, memories, and patterns of bodily tension.

⊕ magnify the deep psychological and bodily effects of visualization exercises,
    affirmations, and intentional reprogramming.

⊕ preventing, reducing, or speeding recovery from exhaustion after air travel.

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Technical Information:


Handwoven Raw Silk for optimum energy flow
Raw Cotton Backing for better support
Large Size Pads for added comfort
Hand and Foot Straps made from raw cotton
Quantum Information for increased effectiveness
Entirely Hand Crafted

BC WP 02:2016

Forms the Eeman General or Optimal Relaxation Circuit or the Lindemann Centrally Symmetrical Circuit.

The General Eeman Relaxation Circuit (Figure 1)

The general Eeman relaxation circuit is useful for a milder effect or a full upper-body feeling without the intensity of the spinal connection.
This circuit can be used very successfully as an aid to sleep, especially if the optimal Eeman circuit seems too strong.
Some people who are well-developed in their yogic control of circulating energy in the spine feel almost no difference between this circuit and the optimal Eeman circuit. For most people this is a weaker, slower, or less direct version of the Eeman optimal circuit. It is identical to the optimal relaxation circuit except that it lacks the connection between the base of the spine and the head. You may either choose to cross your legs or use the head-to-spine segment to connect your feet in order to close the circuit. Individuals with reversed polarity need to account for it in this circuit as well.

The Optimal Eeman Relaxation Circuit (Figure 2)
The optimal Eeman relaxation circuit is the circuit to use if you want to fall asleep! Eeman’s final, streamlined circuit connects the base of the spine to the head, with the right hand connected to the base of the spine and the left hand connected to the head. The legs must be crossed at the ankles.
If you have reversed polarity, a tension circuit will form when you lie in this circuit and you will need to reverse the pads.
This circuit deeply relaxes the chest and strongly circulates the life energy in the upper body. The head-to-spine connection provides faster and more powerful results than Eeman’s general relaxation circuit.

The Lindemann Centrally Symmetrical Circuit (Figure 3)
The Lindemann circuit is a powerful whole-body circuit. It circulates and balances life energy throughout the entire body both vertically and left to right. It can either be an energizing or a relaxing circuit, since it works towards balance in whatever the body needs. Users report that it powerfully promotes the intelligent trance states useful for deep work and visualizations. Since this is a “universal relaxation circuit”, the set-up will be the same for everyone, regardless of the individual’s unique polarity. As shown in figure 3, there are three parts to this circuit.
The first part connects the base of the spine to the base of the head.
The other two parts connect the hand to the opposite foot – the left hand to the right foot, and the right hand to the left foot.
The Lindemann circuit is energizing, calming and harmonizing at the same time. The connections to the feet make it unique among the three major blisscircuits. They give this circuit a grounding effect and help it to be felt throughout the whole body. A typical experience in this circuit is a sensation of being energized and aligned vertically along the spinal column all the way down to the feet.

Keys to BlissCircuits™ Use

Relax completely
The more deeply you can relax, the more deeply you will be able to enter into the BlissCircuits™ experience. There is no need for you to ‘do’ anything other than let go and surrender. The circuit itself will help you to relax, but you must participate to achieve full relaxation. Use the blisscircuits where you can lie down comfortably – on the floor or on abed, using pillows or under a blanket. it is important that you can relax completely, freeing yourself from distractions or interruptions.
Account for traffic noise, telephone calls, children, and house mates.
Ear plugs can be useful.

Feel your body
We tend to forget while the mind races through its catalog of things to do, past events, and future possibilities. Don’t worry about your thoughts; thinking is not a problem. Simply bring your attention to the body. Notice how it feels. Watch for changes. If there are any sensations, such as tingling and imbalances, simply bring your attention to them and allow them. There is no need to change these feelings or sensations. Only notice them.

Suspend expectations
Beginning meditators frequently obstruct their growth in meditation by constantly judging and interpreting their experiences. They frequently think that they are more advanced than they really are, or that they are failing, that “nothing” is happening. Neither is true. With the BlissCircuits™, its the same. Allow your experience to unfold naturally, and you won’t get in the way of it.

Notice subtleties
Whatever your level of sensitivity, your experience with the BlissCircuits™ will probably be subtle, perhaps extremely flat at first. Let that subtlety instruct you. Pay attention to feelings you are used to ignoring. Your experience may begin undramatically. That’s fine. Be sensitive to all of it. In time, you’ll notice more and more.

Allow up to thirty minutes
Allow fifteen to thirty minutes for each BlissCircuits™ session. It takes a minimum of ten to twenty minutes to rebalance the body. Your time in circuit will probably be characterized by “waves” or “packets of energy”. The energy experience will heighten, then subside, and then heighten again. Each wave will work at a deeper level. With silk, the waves continue virtually without end, and you must decide when you have had enough.

You can participate consciously

By itself, the BlissCircuits™ effect will relax you deeply and relieve stress. But you can enjoy more powerful results if you participate consciously in the experience. For instance, the blisscircuit itself will not eliminate bodily tensions such as agitation caused by drinking alcohol or caffeine or sometimes associated with the “wrong” foods. The blisscircuit effect will, however, create a state of deep receptivity that empowers visualization or affirmation exercises. By using that opportunity consciously, you can further calm the body, producing a deeper state of relaxation than would have been possible using the BlissCircuits™ only passively.

The bioeffect takes place through your clothes
It is not necessary for the BlissCircuits™ to make direct contact with your skin. Since the BlissCircuits™ operates at the level of the “energy body”, the pads can be positioned even several centimeters away from your skin. The BlissCircuits™ circulate life force or “Chi” that pervades and surrounds your body. You may place the silk pads next to your skin to intensify the BlissCircuits™ effect, even though it is not necessary.
Do not wear shoes when using a Lindemann circuit.


Quantum Information*
Through the use of quantum technology, special informational subtle energy frequencies have been added that actually assist in dramatically enhancing and deepening the BlissCircuits™ experience.
*further information is available on request, please contact us

Reverse Polarity*

Some people (about 1 percent of the population) have reverse polarity-that is, their left hands and head have the same charge, and their right hands and lower bodies have the same charge, When they lie in the BlissCircuits™, a tension circuit instead of a relaxation circuit forms.
People with reversed polarity should simply switch pads from one hand to the other, connecting the right hand to the head and the left hand to the base of the spine. Consider the possibility of reversed polarity only when using Eeman’s two circuits. This condition is of no consequence when using Lindemann’s “centrally symmetrical” circuit.
*it has been found that most people’s polarity returned to ‘normal’ when lying in their preferred circuit for at least four one-half hour sessions.
Note: Left-handers usually do not have reversed polarity. If you are left handed there is no need to alter either of the two Eeman circuits (or the Lindemann circuit) on this account.